A Night to Remember: Our Experience at Jade and Phil’s Wedding

Published: 14 January 2023

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Welcome to our Here’s To Us Blog – after years of performing hundreds of  Weddings we’ve decided to take our experiences and jot them down into regular blogs that will hopefully help inform and guide you on any of your Wedding questions. We hope you enjoy them, if you have any other questions please free to get in touch or follow us via our social media pages; 



Hello, I’m Aaron from ‘Here’s To Us’. I’d like to share some backstory from a recent wedding we played at – Jade and Phil’s celebration at Holmes Mill. It’s a tale of music, observation, and how a little trust can go a long way.



Playing by Ear: Our Approach to Jade and Phil’s Big Day

Jade and Phil gave us a great responsibility – to set the tone for their special evening. They trusted us to feel out the mood and select the music accordingly. This trust meant a lot to us, and we were keen to honour it. Our aim was not to overshadow but to complement the joyous occasion with music that felt right and gave everyone an opportunity to dance.

Observing and Adapting: The Heart of Our Performance

Throughout the night, we kept our eyes and ears open.

n, tuning into the crowd’s energy. Switching up our setlist wasn’t about showing off our versatility; it was about keeping the atmosphere vibrant and inclusive. It’s these small, responsive changes that can help keep the dance floor lively and guests smiling

Why Interaction Matters

In our experience, a bit of interaction can add a special touch to a wedding. Simple gestures like inviting guests to join a conga line, sing along, dance offs etc.. can create a shared experience, bringing everyone a bit closer – without being too cheesy. 

Some Friendly Advice

If you’re on the lookout for a wedding band, you might want to consider these aspects. A band that listens, adapts, and interacts can subtly enhance the magic of your day. It’s not just about the music, but about how it’s woven into your celebration.

Let’s Chat About Your Wedding

We’re always here to listen to your ideas and hopes for your big day. If you think ‘Here’s To Us’ might be a good fit for your celebration, feel free to reach out to us.

Visit to learn more about our approach and how we might be able to contribute to your wedding. We predominantly work with Lancashire venues however we can travel across the UK and EU with enough notice. 

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